About Us

Collins Fibreglass situated in Stafford, Johannesburg, was founded in 1958. Collins Fibreglass is a multi-faceted company, manufacturing a wide variety of fibreglass products.

Collins Fibreglass in the oldest swimming pool filter manufacturer in South Africa and its Collquipe filtration systems are currently being used by the Johannesburg Metropolitan sub-structure in an attempt to upgrade public swimming pools. The Olympic size Zoo Lake public pool now contains a Collquip filtration system, as do most pools in the Kruger National Park. Although used locally, the majority of these filtration systems are exported to South America, Australia, England and France and “Collins” tend to focus on the international swimming pool filter market.

“Collins’” product lines include:

  • Catamarans; the 14 foot Halcat; the 18 foot Dart; and the olympic class Tornado; BP garage forecourt units; Gilbarco petrol pumps; Widney window frames for the railways; furniture for McDonald’s; phone booths and swimming pool filtration equipment.
  • “Collins” is diversifying its product range. It is due to export a number of fibreglass ‘horses’ to France for use on childrens’ tricycles.
  • Managing Director of “Collins”, Peter Eliot, emphasises the need for the fibreglass business to remain diversified and keep up with market trends.
  • “Collins” manufactures almost everything and anything in fibreglass in an attempt to keep up with an ever changing market. We fortunately have to actively seek out contracts but are always landing new business thus ensuring a diverse range and profitable product range.’
  • Some of our current products are:
    • Cobra type motor car bodies
    • Modular bathroom furniture (showers, basins, etc.)

Images of our production facility

Joint Ventures

We will share tooling costs with you based on the agreement that we use that particular tool exclusively for your product, and not for anyone else. But you only use us to make the product in question.

Send us a detailed drawing and let us give you a quotation.

The following facilities are available:

  • Hand laminating
  • Vacuum tool moulding
  • Cold press moulding
  • Hot press moulding
  • DMC and SMC moulding